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If you weren’t already aware:

The March Violets
, one of the original (and some say the best) Leeds drum machine bands, reformed in 2007 to give a one night only show at Leeds metropolitan University. Featuring classic tracks such as Snake Dance and Walk Into The Sun, and some brand new material, they invited some very interesting Special Guests (including Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Salvation, James Ray, and Screaming Banshee Aircrew) to make it a night to remember.
Some Natural History:

It all began in 1981, in Leeds.  The first EP was recorded in Kenny Giles’ 8-track studio in Bridlington, a small seaside town in North Yorkshire.  It’s amazing what you can do on an 8-track.  We recorded the Radiant Boys EP, Grooving in Green, Steam, 1,2,I Love You and Crow Baby there.  It wasn’t until Snake Dance that we got into a 24 track (Amazon in Liverpool).
In 1984 frontwoman Rosie left the band and went to work in Africa for two years.  It seemed like far enough away from what was happening to / in the band. The rest is history (unnatural), as she transformed into the solo performer Rosie Lugosi the Vampire Queen and a published author.

In 1985 founder and frontman Simon Denbigh left in a storm of “differences” and formed the proto-grunge Batfish Boys. Since then he has had many incarnations, wandered into electronic music, and has been a member of The Sisters of Mercy for the last 10 years.

Guitarist Tom Ashton ran with the Violets until they collapsed in 1986, had a brief stint with Clan of Xymox before moving to the backwoods of Georgia to play with guns and breed.

These parts of the original lineup agreed to get together for old times’ sake and because they felt there was something important left unsaid.
The March Violets also be released a collection of Brand New Tracks.
This is already a collector’s item as it was only be available as a very limited edition to those who went to the gig.

Play Loud, Play Purple.


2007 Trinity, The March Violets, (Rebirth Records)

1994 The Botanic Verses, The March Violets (Rhino Records)

1984 Natural History, The March Violets (Rebirth Records)

1984 Snake Dance, The March Violets (Rebirth Records)

1983 Crow Baby, The March Violets (Rebirth Records)

1983 Grooving in Green, The March Violets (Merciful Release Records)

1982 The March Violets EP, The March Violets (Merciful Release Records)

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